16 November 2010

Potato Beef stew (Semur Daging Sapi Kentang)

Potato Beef stew is almost similar to Chicken stew recipe with potatoes. The difference is the main ingredient (beef) and potatoes are not fried first. Potato Beef stew uses beef outer part has a more familiar with the word sirloin and commonly used as ingredients to make steak. A sauce of beef stew is made more sweet and mixed with potatoes.

Prepare :
* 1 / 4 kg of beef has outside / sirloin, cut into small
* 1 large potato, diced
* 1 clove onion small size
* Sufficient water
* Soy sauce to taste
* Salt to taste
* Seasonings to taste
* Cooking oil and butter, for sauteing
* Fried onion, for topping

* 4 spring onions, chopped coarse
* 4 cloves garlic, chopped coarse
* 1 small tomato
* A little nutmeg

How to Cook :

1. Wash all ingredients spices then milled using a chopper until smooth.
2. Heat the wok with cooking oil and butter. Saute onion and spice paste until fragrant.
3. Add water, soy sauce, beef and potatoes.
4. Give salt and seasonings and stir well. Cook until cooked through and the water in accordance with the tastes of the family (more / less).
5. Prepare the bowl, sprinkle with fried onions in it, just enter a beef stew that was cooked earlier.
6. Serve warm and Happy Eid Mubarak :)
- Use soy sauce according to the family's favorite tastes.- If you like sweet, add sweet soy sauce in a larger number

source : mekz cook, mekz recipe, beef stew