26 Juli 2010

Benyamin S : Unforgettable Legend

Benyamin Sueb (born in Kemayoran , Jakarta , March 5 1939 - died 5 September 1995 at age 56 years) is an actor , comedian , director and singer. Benjamin produced more than 75 music albums and 53 films.

Success in the music world was started by Benyamin with a group of Mustika Naga . The group is domiciled in the vicinity Cengkareng is then drove Benyamin's name as one of the famous singer in Indonesia.

In addition to Benyamin, this band also recruited Ida Royani to duet with Benyamin. In development, the duo of Benjamin and Ida Royani become the most popular duet singers of his time in Indonesia. Even the songs that they bring into fame and great success. To the extent Lilis Suryani one of the famous singer at that time.

After Ida Royani migrated to Malaysia in 1972 , Bang Ben find a duet partner. He managed to hook the Inneke Koesoemawati and released several albums, among them "Nenamu" with songs such mainstays Djanda Flower, Japanese Ants, Secretary, newlywed and Pelajan Stores.

Gambang Kromong Mustika Naga orchestra is based on the concept of Modern Gambang Kromong. Modern music elements such as organ , electric guitar , and bass , combined with traditional instruments like the xylophone , drums , kecrek , gongs and bamboo flutes .

After the Old Order uprooted, which is marked by the emergence of Suharto as president of the second, Gambang Kromong increasingly shows his identity. Songs such as Si Jampang (1969) successful in the market, followed by a song-Ondel Ondel (1971).

Other songs also began to rage. Not only by society Betawi but also Indonesia. blow up Stove , Tailor Garem, and Nyai Dasimah is a series of best-selling songs in the market. Especially after the Bang Ben duet with Bing Slamet through songs Watch Movies , Benyamin's name became a song that will guarantee the success he brought.


  • Jago Dam Folk School Jakarta (1946-1951), St. Joseph's Elementary School in Bandung (1951-1952)
  • SMP Taman Madya Cikini, Jakarta (1955)
  • Park High School Student, Jakarta (1958)
  • Academy Bank Jakarta (not complete); Course & management Corporate Development Institute (1960)
  • Basic Military Exercises Kodam V Jaya (1960)
  • Course Administration Institute (1964)

  • The conductor PPD (1959)
  • Ammunition Equipment Section AD (1959-1960)
  • Section V Jaya Regional Military Music (1957-1968)
  • Head of Regional Equity Kriya Jaya (1960-1969)
  • Producer and Director of PT Jiung-Film (1974-1979)

  • Piala Citra 1973 in film Intan Berduri ( Djunaidy Turin , 1972) with Rima Melati
  • Piala Citra 1975 in film Si Doel Anak Modern ( Sjuman Djaya , 1975)
  • Shelf Road Runway Kemayoran changed to his name. This causes a long road for him more than the name of Jalan Haji Ung (Benyamin's Grandfather).

Benjamin was married twice. First with Nonnie in the year 1959 (divorced on July 7, 1979 but reconcile in the same year). Hj. Nonnie gave him five children:
  • Beib Habbani
  • Bob Benito
  • Biem Triani
  • Beno Rahmat
  • Beni Pandavas

While the children - children from second wife, Alfiah, are:
  • Baby Nurhayati
  • Billy Sabila
  • Bianca Belladina
  • Belinda Syahadati

Discography :


  • Kancil stray / Cake onde (Mesra Records)
  • The Jampang (Melody Record)
  • Oom Glad (Mesra Record)
  • Brang brag Brong (Diamond Records)
  • Crickets Genggong (Pearl Records)
  • Apollo (Beautiful Records)
  • Tailor Fortification (Undah Records)
  • Watch Pecoen (Remaco)
  • Crazy Family (Remaco)
  • Tukang Sado (Remaco)
  • Tailor Daw (Remaco)
  • Falls (Remaco)
  • Steambath (Remaco)
  • Dul-Dul Tjak (Pearl Records)
  • Patjaran (Beautiful Records)
  • Ngupi (Remaco)
  • Nyari Lice (Beautiful Records)
  • Junkman (Beautiful Records)
  • Ngibing (A & B)
  • Maredel (Remaco)
  • Request Eating Mak Mak (Remaco)
  • Children Now (Remaco)
  • Blues Kejepit Door (Remaco)
  • Arises arises Efendi (Irama Tara)
  • Kicir-Kicir (Remaco)
  • Origin Nguap (Beautiful Records)
  • Eating (Remaco)
  • Main Congkak (Irama Tara)
  • Found IVF (Irama Tara)
  • Soraya (FILA Records)
  • Telephone Love (Insan Records / RCA)
  • Murtabak (Insan Record)
  • Ngibing Betawi (Varia Main Tone)
  • Weight at the cost of my love (Virgo Ramayana Records)
  • Assoy (Ben's Records)
  • Money (Pearl Records)
  • Tube Babies (Insan Records)
  • Mat Codet (Rhythm Asia)
  • Tua-Tua Komersiel (Swift Records)
  • I Say (Eternal Records)
  • Public Telephones (Purnama Records)
  • Learning Reading (Rhythm Asia)
  • Nostalgila (Asia Records)
  • The Frogs (BBB)
  • Together culprit Al Haj (Virgo Ramayana / Ben 's Records)

  • Indehoy with Rossy (Mesra Records)
  • Solder joint builders Rossy (Diamond Records)
  • Ice Tape with Rossy (Beautiful Records)
  • Junkman with Lilis Syriac (Remaco)
  • Ngelamar with Rita Zahara (Beautiful Records)
  • Duren handyman with Rita Zahara (Beautiful Records)
  • Tailor Kridit with Ida Royani (Beautiful Records)
  • Who Got together Ida Royani (Beautiful Records)
  • Look Once together Ida Royani (Beautiful Records)
  • Delman handyman with Ida Royani (Beautiful Records)
  • Si Mirah with Ida Royani Jande Marunde (Beautiful Records)
  • The Most Delicious with Ida Royani (Dian Records)
  • Inverted World with Ida Royani (Dian Records)
  • Advice with Ida Royani (Remaco)
  • Here aje with Ida Royani (Remaco)
  • Sweet items with Ida Royani (Remaco)
  • Tailor Tapes with Ida Royani (Rhythm Mas)
  • Turtledove with Ida Royani (Remaco)
  • Red Light with Ida Royani (Remaco)
  • Red Light II with Ida Royani (Remaco)
  • Love is not limited with Ida Royani (Remaco)
  • Fun with Ida Royani Rules (Remaco)
  • See you Again with Ida Royani (Remaco)
  • Jampang and His Wife with Inneke Kusumawati (Remaco)
  • Fireworks widow with Inneke Kusumawati (Remaco)
  • Japanese Ants with Inneke Kusumawati (Remaco)
  • Monkey perched along Inneke Kusumawati (Remaco)
  • Doctors with Inneke Kusumawati (Pearl)
  • Protected fishing together Herlina Effendy (Remaco)
  • Cong-Cong Balicong together Herlina Effendy (Remaco)
  • Muhammad Ali with Herlina Effendy (Remaco)
  • Well Pump with Herlina Effendy (Remaco)
  • Red rapport with Herlina Effendy (Remaco)
  • What was with Dong Euis Darliah (DD Records)
  • What Dong II with Euis Darliah (DD Records)
  • Dong tested with Euis Darliah (DD Records)
  • Tukang Sate with Benjamin Beno (Remaco)
  • Warung Jakarte (ABC Records)
  • Singing Together joking and Eddy Sud (Purnama Records)
  • Together with the most delicious Eddy Sud (Purnama Records)
  • Together Football Eddy Sud (Purnama Records)
  • Flat-law of Benjamin with Srimulat (Primary Records)

  • End of A Dream (Musica Studios)
  • Cowboy refugees (Remaco)
  • Parade 68 (Mesra Records)
  • Do not Want Dimadu (Remaco)
  • Still World Wide (Remaco)
  • Florida Beach (Pearl)
  • Kompal Kampil (Remaco)
  • Pijitin (Remaco)
  • JK Artists Records (JK Records)
  • In Memoriam Benjamin S (Musica Studio)
  • Juki (Musica Studios)
  • Album Djangkrik Genggong
  • Album Dul Dul Jak
  • Album Indehoi 
  • Album Blow up Stove
  • Album Ngibing
  • Album Steambath
  • 1970
Money Honey and the Jakarta Fair
  • 1971
World No Doomsday ( Nya 'Abbas Akup )
Hostess Anita ( Matnoor Tindaun )
Bandit-bandit Metropolitan
Banteng Betawi ( Nawi Ismail )
  • 1972
Satan Djalanan Bing Slamet ( Hasmanan )
Savage wrath ( Chaidir Rachman )
Barbed Intan ( Turin Djunaidy )
Benjamin culprit (Nawi Ismail)
  • 1973
Si Doel Anak Betawi ( Sjumandjaja )
End of A Dream (Turin Djunaidy)
Benjamin talisman ( Bay Isbahi )
Lucky culprit (Nawi Ismail)
Romance ( Pietrajaya Burnama )
Blo'on financiers ( CC Hardy )
Ambition (Nya 'Abbas Acup)
Benjamin Hell (Nawi Ismail)
Si Rano ( Motinggo Boesye )
Mr Married Again ( Lilik Sudjio )
  • 1974
Sworn enemies (Benjamin Sueb)
Queen Envelope (Nawi Ismail)
Benjamin The Abu Nawas ( Fritz G. Schad )
Benjamin mirror 025 ( Tjut Jalil )
City Tarzan (Lilik Sudjio)
Dracula-in-law (Nya 'Abbas Acup)
  • 1975
Crocodile gile ( Syamsul Fuad )
Benjamin Tailor Ngibul (Nawi Ismail)
Satan's Grave ( Daeng Harris )
Benjamin Cowboy refugees (Nawi Ismail)
Lenong King Benjamin (Fuad Syamsul)
Tractor Benjamin (Lilik Sudjio)
Samson Betawi (Nawi Ismail)
  • 1976
Zorro Kemayoran (Lilik Sudjio)
Local Hipies (Benjamin Sueb)
Si Doel Anak Modern (Sjumandjaja)
Three Jango (Nawi Ismail)
Love Benjamin (Fuad Syamsul)
Tarzan Retired (Lilik Sudjio)
  • 1977
Heaven (Turin Djunaid])
King Pickpocketing (Syamsul Fuad)
Master, Mistress and maid (Nawi Ismail)
Exorbitant Mesra (Turin Djunaidy)
  • 1978
Dugongs Magic (Benjamin Sueb)
Shaman City (Syamsul Fuad)
Betty bitch unconventional (Benjamin Sueb)
Blossomed in the Valley Tidar ( Franky Rorimpandey )
  • 1981
Weasel bearded (Pietrajaya Burnama)
  • 1983
Just crazy thing (Nawi Ismail)
  • 1984
The Old World / Origin Know Only
  • 1988
Cowboy realizes / Comedy comedy '88 (Syamsul Fuad)
  • 1992
Si Kabayan Saba City

TV Programs

  • Show TPI Benjamin (1993-1995)
  • Glamor TVRI (1994-1995)
Soap operas
  • 1994
Mat popular
  • 1995
Si Doel Anak Sekolahan
Begaya FM

In the world of music, Bang Ben is an artist who contributed in developing the Betawi traditional art, especially art Gambang Kromong. Through art was also the name of Benyamin increasingly popular. Year 1960 , Indonesia's first president, Sukarno , prohibits foreign songs played in Indonesia. Such restrictions did not hinder the music career of Benyamin, in fact just the opposite. With cunning, Bang Ben presents music Gambang Kromong combined with modern elements.

Benyamin, who has fourteen times this pilgrimage died after a coma a few days after playing football on 5 September 1995 , due to a heart attack . Benjamin was buried in the TPU Rubber bivouac, Jakarta. This was done according to the will which he wrote, so he was buried next to the tomb Bing Slamet which he considers as teachers, friends, and figure that greatly influenced his life.

In the end, Benjamin is also still in touch with the world entertainment stage. Besides playing soap opera / movie on TV (and the famous Mt Si Doel Anak School), he still released his last album with the group Rock al-Haj with Keenan Nasution. Songs like Biang Kerok and become the mainstay of Dingin-Dingin album.

another biography :

sumber: Google, tokohindonesia.com, rollingstone, last fm

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