27 Juli 2010

Pay per click : My Dollars

Pay per click (Pay per click) means paid for each click is a method of advertising on the Internet where cooperation webmaster or site owner will be paid for every site visitor clicks on the link ads are inserted on a web site or blog his own. In general courses - courses PPC (Pay Per Click) suggests a blog or website by using the English language .

The first thing as a requirement to attend the program Pay per click This is oblige you in a virtual bank account like Paypal (Free register here).

And this time i wanted to share the information about my 3rd payments from simplyclix.com.

Although the amount is not much, at least I make something than nothing at all.

I say this is the last payment because I intend to retire from the activities of Pay per click, and concentrated on activities in the real world.

my last payments :

sumber: PayperClick, mekz, wikipedia, paypal

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