25 Juli 2010

TwitGIF: simple Twitter badge for your last 10 tweets

TwitGIF is a animated active badge generator for Twitter made in japan. TwitGIF as the name implies generates a Twitter active badge in a GIF. this allows for transitions and the transitions are your last 10 tweets. this makes it easy to share your Tweets everywhere.

That is not all. it also got size and color customization. that way you can generate the following forms for your Animated Twitter Active Badge:

1. Banner
The perfect size if you plan to use this as a forum signature, e-mail signature or you want to place it in your blog without it taking to much space in your header, footer or main content area. it just renders your tweets and the size is meant so you can fit the whole 140 characters without a hitch.

Example :
Twitter / mekzz

2. OneLiner
Newsticker style. but unlike newstickers. it don`t scrolls so your tweets get cut off. this makes it worthless and too much of a stretch unless you don`t mind.

Example :
Twitter / mekzz

3. SideBox
Classic Sidebar Style. thin so it can be placed in any blog sidebar without a problem. unlike the horizontal versions. this one counts with the tweet counter, the date and hour stamps for the tweets it renders and it shows it was made with TwitGIF.

Example :
Twitter / mekzz

Want to use it like a card?. just like TwitterCard? then this the size you are looking for. it is almost a shame that there is lots of wasted space. it could easily carry your Twitter Bio and Twitter data in it too. maybe in a next version.

Example :
Twitter / mekzz

Once you choose your side you also got to decide if you want square or round corners and can change the color of your TwitGIF badge from 5 predefined colors or make your own mix.

And you are done. you are then offered the link to your Gif, and the ready to use embed code with linking or without linking to your Twitter account.

The page is in Japanese but it counts with English indications and it is very straightforward to use. if you still think that is not enough. then you can use this link: Translated version (just replace my twitter username with yours).

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