20 Agustus 2010

FREE BNC's Services

I recall, we had an similar article on our old blog about Free BNC (IRC Bouncer) providers. Thought it was time to update it, considering a few bnc providers are no longer providing such services.

Here are a few Free BNC providers I managed to find:

- LobbyZFFS - Free ZNC bouncers to all networks (except a few) - more details: http://www.lobbyzffs.com
"LobbyZFFS is the home to the popular service known as LobbyZNC which offers people to get free IRC bouncers on any network. We are always growing with more features "

- EfreakBNC - Free ZNC bouncers. They also provide other services such as IRC bot hosting, temspeak server and more. more details: http://www.efreakbnc.net
"EfreakBNC.net is owned and run by Daniel Strom, AKA Efreak. Our mission is to provide everyone with a free account from which they can connect to IRC. EfreakBNC.net runs entirely (bnc, ircd, httpd) on a Santrex VPS. The software used is a modified version of ZNC irc bouncer with custom coded modules to help administrate it."

- FreeBNC.co.uk - Free and premium bouncer accounts on SwiftIRC only. more details: http://www.freebnc.co.uk
"The channel #BNC on SwiftIRC has been providing free bnc's for many years. We have seen users, servers and network staff go as well as seeing many new faces around on the network. We have many vHosts for use and we also offer a premium BNC for a small one-time fee."

- BNC4Free - Free ZNC bouncers. Due to certain restrictions, only a few IRC Network(s) are allowed (read http://bnc4free.com/?page_id=11). more details: http://bnc4free.com
"BNC4FREE is a non-profit organisation that specializes in providing FREE IRC Bouncer(s). Our aim is to be able to satisfy customers with our free services while recieving the quality of a paid one. Ofcourse, running such a service isnt cheap and we do kindly ask (but not force) users to make a small contribution by donating to us in order to keep the service alive.
BNC4FREE takes customer service very seriously and if you have any questions, queries or problems with our service we’d like to know. You can tell our support team this information by visiting our IRC Web Chat - BNC4Free"

- ChaosBNC - Free bouncer (read http://www.chaosbnc.net/tos.html). - more details: http://www.chaosbnc.net
"ChaosBNC is a Free IRC bouncer provider based on the IPv6 and SSL technology to provide our users the best service possible for their IRC experience. We currently host ChaosBNC on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that XygenHosting provides for our service. We currently use native IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) connections for optimum stability. We are at the moment running shroudBNC 1.2 which enhances modular abilities and multiple seamless sessions."

- Tiltshellz - Free ZNC bouncers. For more details, join #tiltshellz on irc.coldfront.net. - http://znc.tiltshellz.org
"Welcome to the TiltShellz ZNC service we offer free ZNC bouncers to everyone who can pass our screening requirements. If you have more questions, please visit #tiltshellz on irc.coldfront.net; registration link is in the topic."

- GeekBouncer (New) - Free ZNC bouncers. For more details, visit http://geekbouncer.co.uk or join #GeekBouncer on irc.infinityirc.com. Some IRC Network disallowed (read http://geekbouncer.co.uk/tos).
"We provide free IRC bouncers for users requesting them through our IRC support chat room."

- Kottnet (New) Free ZNC bouncers is available. just go forward to kottnet server (http://kottnet.net) and dont forget to read TOS first. and you must know how to using SSL on irc.
  • Server: irc.kottnet.net
  • Port: 6667 (6697 for SSL)
  • Channel: #KottNet
Reminder: Say No To Greed. Request no more than one application per user. Free BNC's are provided for a cause and not to be abused in any way. Make good use of it, in a good way.
If you come across other Free BNC provides and want to share it, do so by leaving a comment. Your help is much appreciated.

source: google; searchirc directory, mekz mirc, sbnc, znc, psybnc

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